Passion and experience drive our dealerships to be the best they can possibly be

Mike Brewer discovered his passion for motoring early on. With a dad who was heavily involved in car customizing, Mike grew up surrounded by motors and knew that this would be his career.

He entered the motor trade and quickly built up a reputation for being sharp and honest.

Mike's move into TV came about by chance when one day he answered a friend's telephone and discovered he was talking to a television producer. A long chat and a few anecdotes later and he was hired for the first series of Deals on Wheels.

His success in this role led to him presenting Driven for Channel 4, followed by Auto Trader, Pulling Power, Deals on Wheels, Wrecks to Riches, and Revved Up as well as several other non-motoring programmes for Discovery Channel and ITV.

It is Discovery's Wheeler Dealers that has most won the hearts of fans across the world, and continues to impress an ever-increasing global audience of over 100 million.

Since its inception, Mike has gone on to commentate on the British Rally Championship for Sky Sports, present Frontline Battle Machines from Afghanistan, as well as create Wheeler Dealers: Trading Up.

Still a car trader at heart

Mike's roots have always remained in the motor trade and so, in 2012, an alliance was formed between Mike and Evolution Funding, the UK's leading automotive funding and retailing group.

The vision? To launch a 'best in class' used car dealership which delivered on Mike's ethos of a relaxed and friendly, 'no hassle' approach, selling the best quality, premium car makes, with Mike spearheading the brand.

In February 2013, Mike opened our first Mike Brewer Motors used car dealership in Sheffield and following its success, in May 2016 he opened our second dealership in Luton. Due to our continued growth and success, in February 2019 we expanded our Luton operations further and moved to our larger dealership in Dunstable.

The business now employs more than 65 people, operating across two vehicle preparation and distribution hubs, stocking over 450 premium vehicles.

Our JudgeService customer feedback says it all...

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