Maximise the life of your tyres with our wheel alignment service

If your car is pulling to one side, your steering is vibrating or you have uneven tyre wear, your wheel alignment may be incorrect. We’ll check your wheel alignment free of charge.

Wheel alignment or wheel tracking is the process of ensuring that your car wheels are set to the correct and optimum position, in line with the car manufacturer’s recommendations.

Correct four wheel alignment not only makes for a comfortable, smooth drive but it also maximises the life of your tyres by ensuring that they wear evenly.

What’s more, you’ll reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and you may even achieve better fuel economy!

Wheel alignments

What causes wheel alignment problems?

Your car’s wheels can take quite a battering on our roads. Your wheel alignment can be affected by several things, including heavy impacts such as an accident or hitting a kerb or large pothole.

If you’ve got worn or damaged parts, this will also have an effect. By getting your wheel alignment checked annually, you’ll avoid something that can be resolved easily turning into a bigger issue with the car.

Car driving over a pothole

What can go wrong?

When we check your wheel alignment, we’ll be assessing the direction and angle of the wheels. There are four main misalignment issues: toe in, toe out, positive camber or negative camber.

Toe-in / Toe-out

Often caused by driving too hard into a kerb, the ‘toe’ is the amount by which the wheels are closer or further apart at their front edges than at their rear edges. Different types of vehicle require different toe settings.

Positive / Negative camber

Often caused by hitting a pothole hard, the ‘camber’ is the angle at which a wheel leans in or out. We’ll adjust the camber in line with manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you’re not sure if your wheel alignment is correct, book it into Mike Brewer Motors for a free assessment. We’ll produce a clear and comprehensive report which will show if there are any issues.

If you would like us to resolve the issues, our full four-wheel alignment and geometry check costs from £75 including VAT.

Using our state-of-the-art laser wheel alignment machine, we’ll align the tracking of the front and rear axles to meet with the manufacturer’s specifications.