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There are lots of online car buying websites that will promise the earth but then lower their offer once you've made the journey.

We won't reel you in with an over-inflated quote to then knock you down when you bring your car in to us.

In most cases, with an accurate description, we can offer more for your car than car buying websites can, whether you purchase from us or not.

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Car Valuation

What affects a car's value?

Overall Condition

The overall condition of your car will naturally affect its value. We'll need to know about any damage to the exterior or interior, any mechanical or electrical faults and whether any wear and tear items need replacing in order to provide you with an accurate valuation.


The colour of your car can affect its saleability' and therefore it's value. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules about which colours are more popular than others as they can vary between brands and tend to follow trends. However, we tend to find that the more neutral the car colour, the easier it is to sell.


Believe it or not, modifications that you may have made to your car to enhance it may actually affect its value negatively. There will be exceptions to the rule, especially where there is an active market for the modification you've made, but generally most buyers prefer unmodified cars. Some insurance companies will refuse to insure a modified car, which will obviously prevent a buyer wanting to purchase it.


With the exception of classic cars, generally the older a car is, the lower its value. This is because as it gets older, it will pick up more wear and tear and will get more expensive to repair. Certain makes and models hold their value better than others but you can be assured we will still offer a great price based on current market conditions for your car.


Higher mileage, like age, will mean more wear and tear to the vehicle. A car that has done a lot of miles will be more worn and its parts closer to the end of their life which will affect its valuation, but having a comprehensive service history will help in getting a stronger price.

Number of owners

The number of owners a vehicle has had may affect the valuation. A car that has had multiple owners may have been subjected to various levels of care and a wide range of driving styles, which can put some potential new owners off. However, if the car has a comprehensive service history it will help offset some of those new owner concerns.

Service & MOT

You will receive a better valuation for a car with a full service history. Your service history shows that you have kept the car maintained every year, have used professionals to maintain it, and have used approved manufacturer parts. You are recommended to keep hold of receipts of work as further proof of maintenance and ensure your service book is stamped. Having some MOT test remaining on the vehicle will also help increase the valuation.

Popularity of the model

Some makes and models tend to be more popular than others. We find that brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Landrover hold their values well as they have built up a reputation for reliability and longevity. Less popular brands may be harder to sell and therefore tend to depreciate quicker in the used car market. However, we do sell a wide variety of makes and models so will be happy to provide a competitive valuation for all cars based on current popularity and market conditions.

Optional Extras

Your car's specification will affect its value. A car that has lots of nice optional extras, such as sat-nav, Bluetooth and parking sensors, will be more popular with the buyer and therefore will increase your valuation.