A day in the life of… a car sales advisor

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A day in the life of… a car sales advisor

What’s a typical day like for you as a used car Sales Advisor at Mike Brewer Motors?
First thing in the morning I’ll deal with the enquiries that have come in overnight. We’re highly regarded as a used car dealer in Sheffield so we get plenty of enquiries throughout each day! They come from lots of different places, so I’ll be multitasking and dealing with those while answering live chats and speaking with my existing customers and enquiries too.

The rest of the day can be taken up with preparing finance quotes for customers, taking customers out on test drives, answering the live chats and doing handovers. A lot of the job is about finding out the customer wants and needs and finding the right used car to suit the customer.

Every day is different, because every customer is different. It is non-stop, busy and hard work, but I laugh all day long and the team make it a fun environment to work in. We always find time to make a brew to keep us going, even though it feels like it’s always me who ends up making the tea!

What made you want to join the Sales team at Mike Brewer Motors?
I’d heard of Mike Brewer Motors and knew it was a reputable used car dealer in Sheffield, so I thought it would be a good place to work. I originally came in to interview for a job in the Admin team because I thought I wanted a career change and to try something different. Jamie, the Sales Manager, saw my CV and found out that I had an interest in cars and he ended up interviewing me as well! He believed in me and offered me a job in the Sales team, I said yes and I’m really pleased I did.

Had you worked in Sales before joining us?
Yes, I’ve worked in Sales since I was 18. I’ve done B2B and B2C sales in a range of industries: medical, clinical, office equipment, furniture, insurance, and health and safety. I’ve even run my own businesses. The first was a magazine called ‘Made In Sheffield’ where I sold the advertising in it and put the magazine together. The second was a café bistro that I ran with my brother for two years. It was called ‘No. 82’ and we were awarded 2nd place for ‘Best Café of the Year in Sheffield 2016’ by the Sheffield Star.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
It sounds cheesy, but I love finding the right car for a customer and seeing the customer really happy as they drive off in their new car. And the team I work with make it fun…. most of the time!

Female salespeople are quite rare in the motor industry, why do you think that is?
Typically, it has always been a male oriented industry and maybe that is because stereotypically, men often have more of an interest in cars than women and you need to be a certain type of girl to work with a team of men. I think this is changing nowadays though and it’s not so unusual to have female sales advisors in car dealerships.

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work
I’ve got two gorgeous dogs, an English Bull Terrier and an American Cross, I like to read and draw and I try to go to the gym or go swimming regularly. You can often find me at a car show and I also help to organise the Sheffield Dubs meets.

Would you consider yourself a petrolhead?
No! I like cars, but they are not my everything.

What was your first car and did you name it?
My first car was an Audi A3 and I named her Black Betty after the song and I used to sing it at her. I don’t know why I called her that, she just looked like a Betty.

What car do you drive at the moment?
I’ve got 3 cars: a company car which is a SEAT Ibiza FR, an Audi A3 (sadly, not Betty!), and a Mk2 Golf. The Golf is 32 years old and has a manual choke and no power steering. It keeps me fit driving it! I said I’m not a petrolhead, but I’ve got three cars!

Have you got a favourite make or model of car? And what would be your dream car?
I love my Audis, I always have. I think I was spoilt by having an Audi as my first car! I always find they drive well, they’re comfortable and they’re heavy, so you feel planted on the road. I can’t pick just one dream car. If I won the lottery I’d have to buy a few cars, but since I was a kid I have always wanted a Lamborghini Diablo in yellow. My Dad bought me a little model car of it and I’ve wanted one ever since.

Finally, what would be your sales pitch to someone thinking of buying a used car from Mike Brewer Motors?
I’d say that it’s the second most expensive thing you will buy in your lifetime after a house, so it’s got to be the right car for you. Don’t feel pressured or rushed into making such a big decision.

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