Keep your car air conditioning safe, clean and efficient with our servicing and treatments

Your car’s air conditioning is vital for keeping you cool in the summer months and for heating and de-misting through the winter. As with any other system in your car, it needs maintaining to ensure it works efficiently.

Gas can be lost from the system, it can build up dust and bacteria, and it can become dirty and smelly over time – not the sort of air you want pumping into your car or lungs!

We can service, repair, re-gas and cleanse air conditioning systems of any make or model. Read more about our range of Air Con services below.

Car Air Conditioning

Re-Gas – from £48 incl. VAT

10-15% of your air con gas can be lost annually from the air con system so most manufacturers recommend you re-gas every two years. We will also wash and vacuum your car.

We evacuate the refrigerant from the entire air conditioning system along with any moisture build up.

We then thoroughly check for any leaks on the system.

Once we are satisfied that there are no leaks we then recharge the refrigerant to the manufacturers specified level.

Finally the performance of the whole air conditioning system is checked by our accredited Technicians.

Re-gassing is beneficial for:

Replacing the gas naturally lost through using the air con system
Keeping the system efficient which can help reduce fuel costs
Helping to prevent sore throats
Helping avoid allergic reactions

Antibacterial Cleanse – £22.99 incl. VAT

It is recommended that you give your car air conditioning an anti-bacterial cleanse every year, or at least at the same time as a re-gas.

Please note that the anti-bacterial cleanse is purchased separately to the re-gas. We will also wash and vacuum your car.

An antibacterial cleanse is beneficial for:

Eliminating harmful bacteria, odours and mould
Improving air quality

Car Air Con Service – from £89.99 incl. VAT

If you want to be sure you’ve covered everything, a full air conditioning service is the way to go. This includes a re-gas, an antibacterial cleanse and a pollen filter. We will also wash and vacuum your car.

By having a pollen filter fitted, spores of pollen are filtered out of the incoming air – just the job for the Summer months.

Please be aware that if your system has leaks or failed components that need repairing, these are not included in the cost of the service. However, we would advise you on potential costs before making any repairs.